Our Expertise


NEXONTIS develops high-end Profitability, Performance and Accounting solutions for the digital economy and provides best-in-class Subject Matter Expertise and consulting around these products.

Profitability and Performance Management

Profitability and Performance Management (PaPM) is a high-speed business and financial modeling solution, which is available in the cloud and on-premise. With its predefined content it covers a wide range of use cases in the area of profitability, cost management, allocation, transfer pricing, process analysis, value chain sustainability, tax calculation and forecast calculation as well as further industry specific use cases.

Financial Products Subledger

Financial Products Subledger (FPSL) is a comprehensive subledger for financial products for banks, insurance and reinsurance companies, fintechs, and other corporations. It is designed for large data volumes and combines financial and cost accounting. The Financial Products Subledger allows you to produce multiple, reconciled valuations for financial products including forecasts, plans, and simulations for insurance contracts.

Consulting and Subject Matter Expertise

Our Subject Matter Experts and consultants have deep knowledge about our solutions and can support you during the implementation, help with adaptions and extensions of the content as well as the conception of custom specific use cases on top.