Our Expertise



NEXONTIS specializes in developing advanced Profitability, Performance, and Accounting solutions tailored for the digital economy. Our offerings include cutting-edge software solutions designed to optimize financial operations and enhance organizational efficiency.
Additionally, we offer best-in-class Subject Matter Expertise and consulting services to ensure seamless integration and maximum value extraction from our products.

Profitability and Performance Management

Profitability and Performance Management (PaPM) is a high-speed business and financial modeling solution available in the cloud and on-premise. Its predefined content covers a wide range of use cases in profitability, cost management, transfer pricing, process analysis, sustainability, tax calculation, and further industry-specific use cases.

Advanced Accounting and Financial Products

Accounting and Financial Products comprise a comprehensive sub-ledger and accounting framework for cross-industries based on the newest technologies. They are designed for large data volumes and combine financial and cost accounting deployed on-premise or in the cloud for cross-industry use cases.

Consulting and Subject Matter Expertise

Our Subject Matter Experts and consultants have deep knowledge of our solutions. They can support you throughout implementation, help with content adjustments and expansions, and the conception of custom-specific use cases on top, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.